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Treating your motorcycle exhaust pipe burn

Zooming around on a motorcycle can be a whole load of fun. Getting a burn on your leg from accidentally touching the exhaust pipe? Not so much. If you do get an accidental exhaust pipe burn, make sure you treat it correctly right from the start to minimise scarring. Here's how!


Treat immediately with cold water

Run cold water over the burn for 5 to 10 minutes to clean off any contamination from the motorcycle's exhaust that may be on the wound.


Cover with a sterile gauze

Dry the wound with gentle patting motions, and cover the burn with a sterile gauze.


Apply antiseptic

Regularly sterilise your burn with antiseptic until the wound dries completely.


Treat the burn scar

Once your burn wound has dried, you should treat it with a scar treatment product such as Dermatix Ultra to minimise the scar. This is because burn scars tend to cause the skin to pull tightly together, which, beyond being unsightly, can physically limit your movement.

Scar treatments like Dermatix Ultra tend to have the most effect when you treat your scar early, so don't procrastinate!

Lightens, softens and flattens scars
Easy to apply, quick drying and odourless
Innovative CPX Silicone technology and Vitamin C Ester formulation