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5 fun exercises with your kid

Being a mum naturally means running a tight schedule - but adding a little exercise into the mix can be a whole lot of fun, especially when you're working out with your little one. Here are some simple and fun activities that you can do with your kid around the house or your neighbourhood!


Put on a cardio tutorial video on your TV and guide your child to follow each move. You can even play their favourite tunes to make it even more fun for them. Be sure to lay down soft exercise mats in case of trips and falls.


Take your kid cycling around the neighbourhood and enjoy the afternoon breeze together, while telling stories about the things that both of you come across. Just make sure that you and your child wear helmets and protective gloves, elbow and knee pads because falling from bicycles aren't fun!


Once your toddler can walk on his or her own, go for fun walks in parks to boost the development of your kid's gross motor skill, and channel the little one's active energy. Stick to flat paths and hold your child's hands to minimise the chances of falling.

Outdoor games

Net climbing, beam walking, and other outdoor games are excellent ways to develop your kid's motor skills while having a blast of a time. Always stand near your child as they attempt the challenges, to give them greater confidence and catch them if they fall.

Jump rope

Teach your kid body balance and muscle endurance in one go with a fun jump rope session - a great way to expend all that youthful energy. Do take the time to adjust the length of the jump rope to fit your child's height though.

Besides the above exercises, there are also many other fun activities such as swimming, football, hula hoops, and more to keep your little one from being bored while getting loads of exercise!

And while precautions and safety measures can be taken, the occasional trip or fall might still happen. If your child hurts himself or herself during an activity, don't panic - simply clean the wound with running water, apply an antiseptic solution, and wait for the wound to heal.

Once the wound has dried, be sure to treat it with a scar treatment product like Dermatix Kids to reduce the scarring. Clinically-proven to lighten, soften and flatten scars1,2,3, Dermatix Kids will help your child's injury heal with minimal scarring!

Lightens, softens and flattens scars
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