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What to wear after C-section and more tips

As a C-section mum, you're not just a woman who had just given birth - you're also a woman who had just undergone a major abdominal surgery. While the same loose-fitting gowns and robes are still recommended, you'll have to do things a little differently on the inside.

With a large incision at the lower part of your abdomen, plain old granny panties aren't going to cut it. Instead, you should look at underwear that is specifically designed for
C-section mums. These Cesarean underwear fit comfortably around your incision, and commonly include some or all of these extra features1:



to aid with minimising the
appearance of your C-section scar


to reduce swelling around your incision
and support your weakened tissue


Comfortable fit

to reduce itch and
provide protection to your
healing skin


Adjustable support

to change the compression
as you recover


Supportive design

to decrease excess fluids and
flatten the bulge of your


Fluted waist design

to avoid the discomfort of
elastic waistbands


to aid with minimising the
appearance of your C-section scar


to reduce swelling around your incision
and support your weakened tissue



Cesarean underwear can be found at maternity shops or at major online retailers, so be sure to grab a few pairs before the big day.

Beyond post-partum wear, C-section mums should also take extra care when moving around - try to avoid going up or down stairs, do not attempt to lift anything heavier than your baby, and gently hold your incision when you have to sneeze, cough or laugh.2

Avoid intercourse and exercise until your doctor tells you it is safe, and do not use tampons or douche2 for the first six weeks or so - your body heals best without outside interference.

If you're breastfeeding, you should drink plenty of water and try to eat a variety of foods to keep you and your baby healthy. In fact, research has shown that eating vegetables imparts flavours in your breast milk that will increase the likelihood that your child will enjoy those vegetables in future!3

And last but not least, after your incision has healed, you'll need to take proper care of your fresh new scar. While the wound may have closed on the surface, your body is still recovering underneath. Read our article on caring for your C-section scar to find out the do's and don'ts of caring for your C-section scar, and don't forget to begin treatment with a scar reduction product like Dermatix® Ultra silicone gel to minimise your scar!

Lightens, softens and flattens scars
Easy to apply, quick drying and odourless
Innovative CPX Silicone technology and Vitamin C Ester formulation
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