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Removing acne scars on sensitive skin

Treating acne scars on sensitive skin can be quite a challenge, as skin care products not designed for sensitive skin may cause allergic reactions. So how do you know which acne scar treatments are safe to use?

The key is to recognise the type of allergies that your skin is prone to, and use treatments that avoid your skin’s triggers. Here are the three most common types of skin allergies and what you need to look out for:

Seborrheic dermatitis


Patches of greasy skin covered with flaky white or yellow scales, red skin, itching.1

What to look out for:

Avoid treatments that contain alcohol, as alcohol can cause it to flare up.2

Atopic dermatitis / Eczema


Reddish dry skin that itches non-stop, especially at night.3

What to look out for:

Look for treatments with Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) as it can effectively reduce redness. You should also avoid anything with salicylic acid and retinol as those will dry out your skin even more.4

Contact dermatitis


Blisters or rashes that are itchy or painful, where your skin came into contact with the allergen.5

What to look out for:

Avoid treatments that contain fragrances or preservatives as these are known to trigger contact dermatitis reactions.6

In short, if you have sensitive skin you need to avoid acne scar treatments that contain alcohol, fragrances, preservatives, and any chemicals that are known to dry out your skin - none of which are in the Dermatix® Acne Scar formulation!

Dermatix® Acne Scar is silicone-based, making it safe for sensitive skin as it contains no chemical irritants. It is also formulated with ActivGCS snail slime extract to keep your skin moisturised, and Vitamin B3 that both reduces acne dark spots and redness from eczema. Simply apply it twice a day for visible results in just 4 weeks7!

Lightens dark spots, marks and scars
Prevents development of new acne blemishes and scars
Innovative CPX Silicone technology and ActivGCS (snail slime extract) formulation